bART pearls



I love it. I like the smell, the taste and the colour. It’s tasty. A bit spicy: peppery. On my lips and face it becomes a bit sticky. I like that. If you swallow sperm – what every slut should do – it makes your mouth dry. When I’m playing I can hardly keep myself from swollowing all of my sperm myself...

A nice load of sperm right into my face. I love this, it is so horny and humiliating. Here I'm a real sperm slut.



I've been fucked by a shemale once.

Only once in my entire depraved life.

Being and living like a real slut should have lead to numerous orgies with shemales. Yet it happend only once. But... it was one of the greatest and horniest experiences in my little sluttly life ever. This gorgeous creature really fucked the hell out of me.