Sperm… I just love it. I like the smell, I like the taste, I love the color and the substance. On your tongue it’s tasty. A bit spicy, peppery sometimes. On your lips and face it becomes a bit sticky after a short time. I like that stickiness. If you swallow it – what every slut ought to do – it makes your mouth and throat a bit dry. When I’m playing it often happens – lately more often than in the past – that I can hardly prevent myself from coming.


No problem. When I feel I’m just a tiny little bit away from spraying all my seed in one big orgasm, I just stop and try to control myself. Mostly I succeed in damage control: just a bit of precum mixed with sperm in my hand. That’s okay. I lick it from my hand, swallow it carefully – like one swallows oysters – and enjoy the taste for the full. Damage control? Yes, of course. An early full ejaculation spoils the whole show. As every bearer of cock knows: once you squirted the lot, fun is over. Al least for a short period of time. So, what is needed, is control. And therefore there are at least two options. The first one is simply inflicting pain. Put some needles through your nipples and the thought of cumming is gone for a while. Other measure: put a nice big dildo up your ass. It’s gorgeous and keeps the orgasm on a distance. Whenever I can a swallow my own sperm (as you can see in the GIF that accompanies this item). Far more exiting, of course, is the sperm of others. In my face, in my mouth, on my tongue, against my chest. I’ve had loads of it. Every time I gave Marcel a blowjob, I wanted him to cum in my face and on my tongue. Sometimes he did, but often he refused – afraid of aids or something – but than at least he had the decency of coming on my chest. I have far too little experience with men and sperm. What I really would like, is being the center point of a big bukake feast. Ten, twenty, maybe thirty men – or preferably transvestites and shemales – who dump their load on me and in me. One after the other: a continuous flow of hot and horny sperm over me. I’m naked in this session. Just a black collar around my neck and heavy make-up on the face. Or – to make it even more appropriate – I’ve been taken to this feast by my brand-new Mistress Davina. I crawl next to her on all fours. She’s got me on a leash and offers me – for free – to everyone with a cock. They may do as they like. Force me into a blowjob, fuck my mouth, or fill my whorish male cunt with their big fat dick. Hmmm. And of course that’s not the end of it. When everyone has given me his/her load, my Mistress drags me to the urinal next to the room where all this happened. She command me to lie on my back in the big sink gutter, all covered with still fresh and already dried sperm. All those people with cocks – still partying inside – will eventually come to the toilet and piss all over me. Till the morning comes, till the last trace of sperm is gone and till I’m ready for a new sperm shower.

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