On YouTube nudity and sex is forbidden, but extreme caning for example is no problem at all. In this section you'll find some bizarre YT-movies.

Masterclass caning

In this 39 minutes lasting film Mistress ServalanĀ gives a masterclass caning. For a small audience she explains the do's and don't of caning and demonstrates her insights on a live model. She beatsĀ  the shit out of a man lying on a bench. Bizarre!

See more of the Mistress on her website. Push the red button on the left.

Greasing hands

In this 21 minutes lasting film you see the face of an attractive young woman, her hands and a bottle of lotion. For 21 minutes she smears lotions on her hands and moves her hands in front of the camera. Nothing happens, but it is highly erotic.

Work that asshole

A huge dildo and two horny shemales make a very good company. Someone is fucking this slut real hard and of course it ends with a lot of wonderful white sperm. Click on the pic and get horny too!

Not for the fainthearted!

Can you take it? This well packed rubber slut sure does. His mistress is putting this sound in and out and in and out and it goes deep! Meanwhile his balls are electrfied. I am going to do this too one of these days. Looking forward to that instrument!