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New section: depraved!


I just added this new section to my website: depraved. You will find it under the heading bZAR. Depraved containes some - let's say: little bit perverted pics of depraved friends - which I found on various websites and on Twitter. Maybe you're on it as well! If so, and if you don't like that, just send me a message and I will remove your pics instantly. But I guess all of you - myself included - just love it to be exposed to the eye of the world. So, take a look and enjoy, beloved depraved friends!

Some severe cock and nipple punishment. I put on my heaviest nippleclamps and used the horse whip.

I'm really fucking proud of kinquie


When you type the name of 'my' Goddess Karin von Kroft in the google searchbar, you will find a link to already on page 8. When you select picture, you'll find the first (of 4 in total) links to kinquie's website. Amanda Nylons? Not less than 4 hits! And when you combine Karin von Kroft with Amanda Nylons, you already find a link to kinquiebart on page 2 of the search results. I'm going to do whatever it takes to appear on page one!

<< kinquie is back and made some vids already

More, more, more of More


Rebecca More (the Godess on the right) is from now on my official fetish woman and of course one of my idols. She's perfect. A real beauty with magic eyes and an even more magic body. I found Her on twitter, where She often appears together with her Friends. Go and watch this Perfect Lady in the fetish section.

kinquie made one new movie already: Gloryholes!

kinquie is back on the track


After being absent for about 5 months - due to an operation on my foot - i'm back. Kinquie is back and she is hornyhungry like a wolf. Craving for perversion, longing for cock and cunt. There will a lot going on here in the next couple of weeks. It will be messy!



I do it every once in a while: type her name in google and see what happens. Nothing. Nada. Niente. Ziltch. Then I try some of the combinaties of names and abbreviations that used to work in the past. Same negative result. And than, last night, routinily I gave it another go. Her name, my (nick)name and BINGO! There she is again. The same as always and yet - again - totally different! It makes me so very happy. Read more about this (in Dutch): click here:

Back from Xmas holidays


It's been a while since the last news update. But I have been very busy though. Done a lot on Twitter (#kinquiebart), have done a lot of writing, have been sorting out my movie archive, also made a very nice Xmas movie in honor of Mistress Davina, have been very busy with lay-outing my new book (worktitle: Attracted, in Dutch: Aantrekkingskracht) and today I sorted out my collection of women in red boots. That's my ultimate fetish: watch my outstanding collection! Click on the lady in red.

Completing the FTSH section


I use the days of limited mobility - after the operation on my foot - to work on this website. The last week I've been adding tons of content. Pics and vids of myself, lots of texts (in English as well as in Dutch) and quite a few pics from my large fetish collection. You can view them in [ FTSH ], where each photographer, model or Mistress has a page of their one. Just click on the pic of Mistress Ingrid Frost >>

Kinky Holidays & a white Xmas...


Something olde, something, something borrowed and something... No idea how it goed further. Waht I do know is that I made a very kinky Xmas movie today. Seasonal greetings to Mistress Davina. If you care to watch it: click on the pic on the right. You may be sure of a very, very white Xmas. Or should I say: an xxxxx-rated xMas? Happy Holidays to everyone, kinquie. 

Best of 10 years kinquie porn pics


I thought it was just about time to give you an overview of 10 years kinquie photographie. I've made thousands of shots - selfies - of kinquie in every possible pose. Always dressed up like the whore I am. Flogging, cumming, needling or just acting as a real fucking slut. Come and have a look on ten years of depravity and perversion. You won't be disappointed. Just follow this link or click on the most porny pic I've ever made. 

Again lots of new pics & vids


Being at home since a couple of days I have plenty of time to work on this website. Today again I added some very ht pics in the SLUT section and some movies as well in the FILM section. It makes me so hot! That's why I put this ad on. Hope some bif fucker or Mistress or TV/CD will respond. It's free you know!

Fuck kinquie and get paid...!

Today I added lots of pics to the [ SLUT porn ] section. You must go there and have a look; it's really fuckantastic good material. I also placed an advertisement: 'Fuck kinquie and get paid for it'. Wonder if there will be some reactions. I really hope so. It's my biggest wish te become a full prof whore and I will gladly pay for being treated as one!


Just uploaded: k-MAG


I made this e-magazine some years ago. A collection of photo collages and texts. All together about 60 pages. Just go to this section and watch it. Some texts are in Dutch, some in English. < click on the pic >

New section: Alex D. movies


These pictures give an idea why the Alex D. movies are so good and so intense. I've seen quite a lot of them and it must be said: this is porn on its very best. So I decided to add a special Alex D. session to this website. Click here and go to the super movies!

Off the grid for a while


I've been into hospital last week for an operation on my right big toe. Next weeks I must give the damn thing lots of rest and I'm not sure yet if I will ever be able again to wear high heels...  In the meantime I took adventage form Black Friday. I ordered a 5 pieces set of leather cuffs.  I don't know when I will can use them in a session, but here's a  preview. 

Loads of new content today


Just added loads of new content. Pictures (in the section slut/porn). A new and some olders movies (in the section (slut/film). And also a load of fetisg pics with links to the websites of the models, mistresses or photographers. And still: apart form the added movies the pictures are only the headers. The underlying pages still have to be made and to be filled. So, there is quite a lot going on and still to do. Keep follwing kinquie and her depraved slutworld.

They call it stormy monday...


I will never be a good slut, I guess. The assignment of Mistress Davina was quite clear. But I didn't do what she ordered me. I had to wank on a picture of hers while praising her. Instead I flogged myself and fucked myself with my purple dildo, untill I came. Anyway, I filmed it all and if you click on the pic you wille see it all happening. I hope this will be OK too for Mistress, but I fear for the worst...

Lots of projects going on


I've got a lot projects to work on. First of all this website of course. There's much to do, after I completely deleted the former version. I have to build up all the sections again. But you don't hear me complain, it's one of the things I like to do most. Then there's a lot of writing to do. I must catch up with the writing of KARIN & Kinquie, my bdsm novel to be. I've written 5 chapters so far, many will follow. Then there's a big story in progress about my evolution as kinquie: purely autobiographic and 100% true. I'm writing this in Dutch. I'm also preparing for my next session on monday next (19-11). Fot that I purchased the dress that is shown to the left (34 euro's) at Sexy Lingerie. I also ordered some new black nylon stockings. And of course there are some assignments to fullfill for Mistress. The most recent is that I should start with souding. Freightening, but interesting too.

Pic of the week, but which one?


Today I had a quiet session. Not too much beating, not going out. Just dress, put on my new red shoes and take some pictures and video. I'm quite happy with the result. About 30 pictures wordt saving and a few are quite OK, I think. I tried some portraits too. Hard to choose between the copper coloured wig and the blonde one. Which one do you prefer? Send me an email with your choice and I'll send you a copy of the pic the film of today: mail to kinquiebart

Present for Mistress: new pumps


Life goes on, evan after a near disaster like last week.  But hey: you've got to celebrate life as much as you can. That's why I bought these brandnew pumps. A little present for Mistress Davina. Your slut is going to show them to You, next monday. Together with all the recently bought gear.

< They are a bit tight, but they'll fit eventually.

Bruises on my cock and balls


A few days after the heavy flogging session (see below) my cockhead is still purple speckeled. At first the bruise was black and red and violet. It didn't hurt but it looked quite serious. (The picture was taken in a hotel room in Cologne (Germany)).

Look at the black spots right under my cockhead.

Almost caught redhanded...


After a very heavy (solo) spanking session I went to Erotic Cinema in Amersfoort. I parked in front of the shop, went in, walked around in stockings and corset and participated in a gangbang. Back in my car, I read a message of B. in my cellphone: 'You parked under my license number. Who is she?' Caught redhanded. And I was in deep, deep trouble. Click to read more!

Preparing for my first gangbang


I dressed up as soon as awoke: 7.30. Put on the heaviest nipple clamps and prepared for a very heavy flogging session. I had shaved my pubic hair almost completely and I used the flogger and cane like an angry mistress: hard and merciless. I brought myself into a state of Total Ecstasy: I was ready to go to Erotic Cinema and have my first gangbang ever. Read more.