chapter 3

A proposal (one can't refuse)

'In short: I would like to be Your slave for the next three weeks,' I said to Mistress Karin von Kroft. I finished my glass of white Meursault. She had only taken a sip from her glass and complimented me on my choice. 'Delicious.' I continued: 'Of course I have no idea if You are interested, but I just need to ask You this. I dreamt of it for so long. And before I forget: I don't think that money will be a problem.’

'What do you exactely mean?' She asked with raised eyebrows. 'Well, I mean I don't expect You will do this - if You áre willing to do this - for free.  I know that You’re a businesswoman and that the time and effort You put into me must be compensated… Finacially.' I felt that my cheeks turned red like freshly flogged buttocks. I feared that my explanation was not the right way to conquer Her mind and heart. 'So, if I understand you well, you consider me as some sort of whore,' She said, meanwhile pushing Her chair slowly behind. I thought I had spoiled it all. In just a few stupid sentences. She would leave even before She had finished Her Veal Marsala. 'No, no, no! Absolutely not! I just wanted to say that I would like to...' '...hire me for three weeks and to play some dirty games with you. Is that what you mean?' Again I denied. 'Well, damn it, just tell me what you want. I just feel that you're wasting my time.' I took a deep breath and said: 'Mistress, I mean that it is my deepest wish to serve You for the next three weeks on whatever conditions You have in mind.' Her chair came closer to the table again, She cut of a piece of meat and said: 'Well, that wasn't too hard, was it. Go on: how would you like to serve me?' I felt so relieved that I got up from my chair, went around the table and got down on one knee right before Her. She looked at me with a bit of a smile. 'I would like to offer myself to You completely and unconditionally. You can do with me what You want, or make me do whatever You want. I will obey You blindly and for one hundred procent.' 'Get up and get back in your chair; I've got to go the ladies room.' Off She went. I sighed and nodded ‘yes’ to the waiter who asked me if I wanted another glass of wine. 'Did your fiancee say yes?' I heard a loud voice asking. It took me a little while to realize that the old man from the couple next to our table had been talking to me. 'It looked so romantic', added his wife. 'Just like how you asked me to merry you 39 years ago. Do you remember, Charley?' The old man didn't pay attention to what his wife said. He looked me straight in the eyes, winked at me and said with a smudgy grin: 'Excellent choice son, excellent choice'. 'What is an excellent choice?' Mistress Von Kroft asked when She sat down again. 'The wine', I answered softly, hoping the old man didn’t hear me. 'I think you should accept this fine man's proposal', the old man said to Karin von Kroft, bending over to Her. 'Charley Petterson, leave these nice people alone,' his wife said. The old man groaned and it looked like he didn't want to end the conversation. 'Charley!' The woman almost shouted his name and the man obeyed. The old woman looked at Mistress Von Kroft and said: 'I'm sorry madam, sometimes Carley needs to be disciplined a bit.' She smiled sadly. 'Well, they all do from time to time', the Mistress answered friendly. And turning to me: 'Don't you agree, Bart?' 'Well yes, of course!' 'Okay, bend over to me,' She said bending herself towards me over the table. Our faces were close. I smelled her tantalizing perfume. She was close enough to be kissed. 'While I was in the loo I peed in this little bottle I'm going to give you. Poor it in your water glass and drink it. All of it.' She sat back in her chair, took the little bottle out of her handbag and gave it to me. I filled my empty water glass. The old couple looked at us. 'His medicine', Mistress Karin explained to the old couple. 'He sometimes forgets to take it on time.' I took the glass and brought it to my mouth. I smelled. It was defenitely fresh urine. I put the glass to my lips. I let the warm fluid run into my mout hand tasted it as I had done earlier with the Meursault. It was salty and a bit acid. I swallowed the first sip and than drank the whole lot in one big gulp. The very idea that I was drinking Her piss made me feel a bit nauseous. And horny at the same time. I would't have been surprised when my hard dick had pierced the table. Mistress Von Kroft smiled at me. 'Good job.' She pushed her chair back and said: 'Get up and follow me'. I stood up. 'We're going to have a smoke', she said to the waiter who already came hastedly towards us. Outside She lighted a cigarette. 'Listen Bart', She started while blowing some smoke in my face. 'I have a pretty good idea of what you want a maybe we can do business. I tell you how it works. For three full weeks I’ll charge you 20.000 dollar. But...' She raised her voice to overrule my beginning answer. 'But I want you to transfer 35.000 dollar to my account. If everything goes to my satisfaction, I will refund you 15.000 . If not, the money is mine. Second point: after this lunch you go back to your hotel. You are going to shave yourself totally. Tomorrow morning - after I received the 35.000 dollar - my assistent will come to you in your hotel room. She will bring a contract which you are going to sign. No signature, no deal. Why? Consider it a disclaimer. I want no liability for whatever is going to happen in the next three weeks. Third: if you agree to this all and the contract is signed you will come to my dungeon and stay there for three full weeks. I don't want you to have contact with anybody outside. Now, can you comply to all these conditions? Do you have the money?' 'Yes  Mistress, absolutely!' I lied. I had about 20.000 dollar on my savings account. I needed to fix the rest. I needed a loan. Quickly. 'May I ask you one thing?' 'Sure.' 'How can I be certain that You are going to do what You say You're going to do after I transferred the money to You'. 'You can't. You just have to trust me. That’s all, and that's also the basis for what we are going to do. So: yes or no?' I hesitated for a little while. I was going to spend 20.000 dollar for my disire to be tortured and being bullied. That was all the money I had saved the last few years. As a matter of fact: all of OUR savings. How could I ever explain this to Brigitte. Mistress Von Kroft turned on her high heels. 'Well, thanks for the lunch, Bart. Have a nice holliday!' I almost shouted: 'Yes! It's yes, Mistress! Yes!' ' Not quite; my dear', She smiled sarcasticly. 'Your hesitation raised the price with 2.500 dollar. Don't make that mistake again. I don't think you can afford it.' She took a business card out of Her handbag. 'You'll find my account number on it. 35.000. Tonight. Email me in which hotel you are. Tomorrow at about twelve my assistant will be there. Her name is Abigail. Abigail Dupree. Have a great day, Bart.' She walked away. I looked at Her high heels ticking on the pavement. To Her skirt and to the perfect straight seems in Her stockings. My heart pounded. I had a lot to do to make sure that I would see those heavenly legs ever again.