chapter 4

Urgent matters to attend to

A lot had to be done. Urgently, or I wouldn't be able to transfer the 35.000 dollar to Mistress Karin von Kroft that I needed to pay for the privilege of becoming Her slave. So, after picking up the bill for the quite expensive lunch, I got straight back to my hotelroom in Mesa. I could withdraw about 20K from my savings account immediately. Back home I would have to account for the missing money, but that wasfor later worries.

My present concern was the lacking 15 K. How the fuck could I get that amount of money on such a short notice. Driving back to Mesa on Highway 10, I considered my options. In fact there were only two. One: I could call my brother Louis. A few years ago I helped him out when he needed money to pay his sons gambling debts. Two: I could make up a story for Ron, my dear old friend. Both alternatives had their pro's and cons. Louis would lend me the money without asking questions, but it would ruin him (and his marriage) if I couldn't pay him back, which would undoubtedly be the case. For Ron the 15K would more or less be peanuts. As a successfull entrepreneur he was loaded. But being a successfull entrepreneur he would also demand an explanation. By the time I got to my hotel I had found the solution. I was going to call Ron and tell him about the profitable deal I could make. This would be my story: I could buy an almost new car for about 35K, make a three week roundtrip with it (to a max of 5000 miles) and than sell it back to the same dealer for 32K. Hiring a similar car for the same periode would cost me 4.000 dollar, so in fact I was going to save 1.000 bucks with this deal. I knew Ron: he couldn’t resist the temptation of such an opportunity. Especially not if I promised him to share the 1.000 I would save. Three hours after I entered my hotel room, the 15K had been transferred to me. Now I could buy my ticket to three weeks of slavery. Or... do the stupidiest thing in my entire life: pay 35.000 dollar to a complete stranger and to never hear from Her again. I just didn't know what to do.


I was naked. I had already shaved myself as Mistress KvK had demanded. My pubic hair was gone, my armpits were clean and there wasn't a single hair left on my chest. This was also something I would have to explain back home. Another bridge to cross. I had poored myself a second glass of Jack D. And this was also a double one. The jetlag, the lunch with Mistress, the four hours driving to and fro Tucson; it all began to take its toll. I was tired and a bit drunk. And horny as ever. I read a few bits from the Mistress' book: 'Secret Fantansies of Submissive Men'. I had read it dozens of times and as allways I got convinced again: YES, THIS IS WHAT I WANT TOO! I opened my laptop and started my banking program, filled in all the details from her business card. Finally I typed the eight digits of the amount to be transferred. Three, five, comma, zero, zero, zero. There it was, there I was: just one click away from heaven or from total hell. I took one more look at my favorite - very pornographic - picture of the Mistress and pushed the OK button. Now there was no way back. The money was gone and I could only wait for things to happen. I stared at the screen for a few moments, than took my cell phone and texted Her: 'Dear Mistress, I transferred the money. I await Your further instructions. Your slave Bart.' The message was sent. One ‘v’ appeared in the Whatsapp screen: message sent. Another ‘v’ appeared. Message received. Within sconds both v's turned blue. Massage opend (and read?). I expected a green message: 'typing'. For a few minutes nothing happend. I kept staring at the little screen. Nothing, nada, ziltch. An hour passed, another hour passed. Five more glasses of Jack D. passed. I felt helpless and almost panicking. Another quarter of an hour passed and than my phone rang. I swept the green button and before I even could say my name I heard Her saying: 'Are you sweating, Bart?' I confirmed. 'Well done', She said. 'Of course you're sweating. If you would have lied, we would have got off on the wrong foot. But this is good. Thank you for trusting me, Bart.' Her voice had become warm and friendly. 'Listen Bart, I suggest you take a good night's sleep. Meanwhile I'm going to make up a contract and a program for your three weeks of slavery. Tomorrow at about noon my assistant Abigail will come to your hotel. Please invite her to your room when the reception announces her arrival. She will bring you the contract and she will phone me and let you speak to me. I will explain the program I designed for you and tell you what my rules are. If you agree to both, you sign the contract and we can get things started. If you don't agree, that's also okay with me. In that case I will charge you 2.500 dollar. That will be my fee for setting up the contract, designing a program and sending Abigail to your hotel. In this case I will refund you the rest of the money immediately.  On the other hand: if you say yes and you sign the contract, there's no way out for you. Let me give you this advise: tomorrow, you read the contract and than you let me explain you the program. If you're still positive after that, you’re going to fuck Abigail. Any way you like and how much you like. Just fuck her twice or three times. Don't bother about her: she's my personal slave and she just does what I tell her to do. If you're still willing to go on after you orgasmed a few times, than we both can be sure that this something you really want. Take it serious, Bart. Because if you do sign the contract, you deliver yourself to me completely. I think it will be rewarding, but... Well, it's up to you.' Before I could say a single word She hang up. Again I stared at my phone. It was nine o’clock. I felt exhausted. I poured myself one last glass of bourbon. And than my cellphone rang again. The wife. 'Hallo, sweetie, how are you. Did you have a nice day?' Hearing her voice, my mind was made up all at once. I would say yes to the Mistress. Or, to be a bit more specific: I would say yes to the dress. 'Listen honey,' I replied. 'I have thought things over. I must make up my mind. Tomorrow I'm going to travel and I want to do this on my own. So - I took a deep breath - I'm not going to call you the next three weeks.' My heart pounded as I stayed silent and waited for her reaction. It came after a long silence. 'Bart, do whatever you got to do. If that’s what you need, that's fine with me. You know I trust you. Just call me when you're up to it again. Love you!' And for the second time the woman on the other end of the line hang up on me before I could even answer. I felt guilty, of course, but I felt like a free man too. A free man longing to give up his freedom. They say you should be carefull with wishes. They never say why this is. I would find out soon. Sometimes wishes come through…