chapter 5

The pick-up by Abigail

The hotel phone. 'Your guest has arrived.' 'Okay, send her to my room, please.' 'I'm afraid that's not our policy, sir. Would you be so kind to come to the reception.' I went down. 'Hi', she said, chewing on her gum. 'I'm Abigail. Mistress send me.' I hadn't expected a woman like this. Shorts, T-shirt, sandals. No make-up, nice figure, small tits. 'Please, follow me, Abigail.' We didn't say a word in the elevator. Neither when we walked to my room. I opened the door and let her in.

'Wanna drink something?' 'No, I'm good.' Silence again while I poored myself a glass of water. I had a bit of a hangover and was thirsty. 'Well', she said. 'I've got your contract with me.' 'Oh great, let me read it, please.' 'No, no, no. First we've got to call Mistress. Well, I must call her. She wants to speak you before you read the contract.' While she dialed the number she looked at me. No smile. No sign of interest at all. After a short while she began te speak. 'Yes Mistress, he's there. ... No, still dressed. ... Okay, I'll tell him.' She lowered the phone and said: 'Mistress wants you to undress. Totally.' 'Right now?' She nodded and kept looking at me. I lowered my short trousers and pulled out my shirt. Since I wore no underpants, I was naked. It felt odd, but my cock already began to harden. 'Yes, he's naked now,' my visitor went on. No, I don't see pubic hair. Nothing on his chest too. … Between his legs?' She gestured me to ti make a 180 degrees turn and to bend over. 'No, he's okay. His balls are shaven. Sure, I'll hand him over.' Abigail gave me her cellphone and let herself fall down on the sofa. She immediately started to check another cellphone. 'Goodmorning Mistress, this is Bart speaking.' 'Well goodmorning to you too, dear. Did you have a good night sleep?' Before I even could answer She continued: 'Listen Bart, this is very important. Abigail is going to hand you the contract I told you about. It's a huge piece of legal shit. If you want to read it, be my guest, but I think it’s easier if I talk you trough it. Okay?' ' Well yes please, Mistress.' 'Right. The main thing is: this document states that everything we are going to do is based on consent. To put it simply: you give me permission to hurt you. It also defines the rules. Most important is the use of a safeword. If you say ‘stop’ I will stop immediately with whatever I'm doing and free you asap from your nasty situation or position. Do you understand this?' I nodded and confirmed.


to be continued...